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Do I need an Alignment?


Wheel Alignment

The topic of this article, Do I need an alignment? It's centered around the most common question among car owners when they sense their vehicles are pulling left or right while driving. 


Do I REALLY need an alignment?


The first step is establishing if you really have an alignment problem. Before going any further check the following points that might lead to a wrong alignment diagnostic:


  • Ensure that you have the appropriate air pressure on all your tires.

  • Verify that your vehicle is pulling to one side under different road conditions.

  • Confirm that your steering wheel is not centered when driving straight.

  • Have Aeschbach Auto check the vehicle suspension and tire wear.


When you REALLY need an alignment?


It is highly recommended to perform a wheel alignment in the following situations:


  • When buying new tires, especially front tires.

  • When you lift or lower your vehicle overall height.

  • After a collision

  • Each time you do major repairs on your front suspension.

  • It is recommended every 60,000 miles to have an alignment as well!


Wheel Alignment

Purpose of alignments


The main goal of alignments is ensuring that your tires have the best contact possible with the road under any driving condition. To accomplish that goal, wheel alignment machines guide the technicians while adjusting wheels angles to meet OEM specifications.


Benefits of alignment


There are many benefits when your vehicle is properly aligned:


  • Improved braking performance.

  • Better road traction.

  • Increased tire lifespan.

  • Smoother driving experience.

  • Lower chance of uneven tire wear.

  • Better fuel economy.


In conclusion, the added safety and costs reduction make it worth the effort of having a proper wheel alignment!

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