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Clutch Repair in Middleton, WI - Aeschbach Automotive

Clutch Repair in Middleton, WI

The job of the clutch is an important one - it helps your vehicle’s transmission disengage from the drivetrain so that your gears aren’t grinding when you switch them. It’s basically the way that you are able to stop your wheels without stopping your engine. Clutches tend to wear down over time, and the symptoms will be noticeable if a problem arises. As soon as you suspect that you need a clutch repair in Middleton, WI, we invite you into our professional shop here at Aeschbach Automotive for assistance.

While many think of a manual transmission when they think of clutches, a clutch is actually present in both manual and automatic transmissions. There are many different components of the clutch, including the flywheel, linkage, pilot bearing, clutch fork, clutch disk, and more. Typically, your clutch should last you through at least 50,000 miles, however, its life can be significantly decreased if you are constantly traveling in stop and go traffic or have the habit of resting your foot on the clutch.

Symptoms that can indicate you may need a clutch repair include:

  • Clutch is “slipping”, leaving you with no acceleration
  • The clutch needs to go down to floorboard to engage
  • Grinding sound while shifting
  • Trouble shifting gear
  • High engine revving but poor acceleration
  • Vibrating or loose feeling clutch pedal

If there is an issue with your car’s clutch, you may find it hard to switch gears or experience your clutch slipping momentarily. The most common clutch issue is the wearing down of the clutch disc, which will give less surface for the flywheel and pressure plate, making it harder for the engine to transfer power to the transmission. In some cases, you have to replace the entire clutch, because the clutch disc has been worn out completely. Other common problems include a leak in the hydraulics, air bubbles formed in the hydraulic line, and stretched cable controls.

If you are experiencing any issues with your car, SUV, or truck’s clutch, we encourage you to bring your vehicle into our shop for a thorough clutch inspection. We will determine if the issue is indeed with your clutch and the repairs needed to get your vehicle running at its best again.

When you need clutch repair in Middleton, WI, give us a call here at Aeschbach Automotive or stop by our shop today!

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