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Tire Pressure

How to check your tire pressure

On the inside of your driver's side door, you will find the tire pressure levels recommended for your front and back tires. You can check your tire pressure using either a small tire pressure gauge (around $10) that you can keep in your car or at the gas station and check using the air pressure pump there. Making sure your tires are the appropriate fill will save you money in gas, and in new tires. If they aren’t inflated properly they can cause your tired uneven wear, costing you, and not keeping you as safe on the road.

How to put air into your tires.

If you notice that your tires are low on air, you need to fill them ASAP. Make sure you’ve read the first tip above about how to check your tire pressure and adhere to the recommended settings. Head over to your closest gas station and fill the tire(s) with the recommended amount of air, or if you're close by stopover to Aeschbach Automotive. Make sure to keep an eye on the tires that needed air, as it could be a sign of a leak.

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