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Tire Buying Tips - What You Need To Know

Even with proper wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation, there comes a time when the tires become too worn for use on the road. The tread depth must measure above 2/32" to guarantee road safety, and anything lower than that means the tire is out of the manufacturer's specifications. If it's your first time going tire shopping, the following are practical tire buying tips to ensure you match the product with your vehicle model.

Does Your Car Need New Tires?

It is crucial first to inspect the tires to ensure that your car needs new tires. If you notice excessive discolorations, cracking on sidewalls, bulging, or tread wear, then it's your cue to buy new tires. Vehicle tires have a lifespan of about ten years. Your tires might appear in pristine condition even after a decade, but rubber deteriorates with extended exposure to oxygen. Hence, replace them to avoid costly tire issues.

Read the Manufacturer's Manual

Vehicle manufacturers usually indicate the type and size of tires that work with every car they roll out. It would help if you referred to the information placard in the handbook to make the best purchase for your car model.

Providing the information placard is a legal requirement, and every car has a sticker on the river's door jamb, doorpost, glove compartment, or trunk lid. Besides, manufacturers often provide replacement tires that match your car's specs.

Inspect the Car for Possible Misalignment

The visual inspection you perform on the tires can also help you identify potential wheel misalignment and suspension issues. If you pick up uneven wear on the tires, such that the inside is more worn than the outside [or conversely], it's a sign of bad wheel alignment.

Mounting new tires on a car with bad alignment is a waste of money because they'll wear at a much quicker rate, and you'll need a new set of tires sooner. A professional auto technician will first assess your tires' condition, alignment, and suspension to advise whether you need to buy new tires. The honest and impartial opinion of an expert is always valuable.

If you require quality tire replacement services and insights into the best tire maintenance practices, bring your vehicle to our auto care shop today!

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