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Tips for Winter Car Care and Maintenance


Tips for Winter Car Care and Maintenance

Winter in Madison, Wisconsin is the number one time we need to make sure our vehicle is in working order. It is the season that most cars get damaged. During winter, there are many things that could go wrong starting with getting into an accident because of not being able to see out properly or being stranded by a dead battery of your car. For most of us, we would not want to face the winter without winter gear like gloves, coat, and other cold weather gear. The same goes for your car, it deserves the highest level of protection during the Madison winter!

Why your car needs a winter car care

During winter months, your car paint, tire, windows, and other elements are at the mercy of harsh elements such as sleet, snow, salt, rain, wind, gravel and many other elements.  The best time to prepare, inspect and get ready for the winter is before the snow hits. Don’t fret if you haven’t though.  We at Aeschbach Automotive are here to help!

Winter car care tips

These winter car care tips will help keep your car at its peak performance during the frigid winter weather. Keep these winter car care tips in mind.

Wipers Blades

One thing you need to replace before winter is the wiper blade. Sometimes, even the best performing blades lose their effectiveness after some time. If your wipers leave missed expanses or streaks of glass, they are sure signs that you need to change them. They are ready for retirement and won’t serve you well during the winter months. Another thing you can do is clean the rubber edge periodically with a glass cleaner and paper towel, but it’s not a good idea to do that all winter long. Wiper blades last 6-12 months. Get a new one to make sure your visibility is not compromised.

Check your wiper fluid

Don’t forget to check your wiper fluid!  The washer fluid is a wash booster. It improves your visibility in conditions involving mud, road salt, and road grime.  This whole winter long, stop in anytime to get topped off.  We do this as one of the many courtesy’s to our customers at Aeschbach Automotive, in Middleton, WI.

Avoid a dead battery

The brutal Madison, Wisconsin winter morning will strain the power from your weak batteries. If you have a relatively new car battery, inspect it before winter to make sure it will serve you well during the winter. 

Consider new tires and check tire pressure

Ending up in a ditch or causing an accident when spinning tires isn’t the best way to discover worn out tires.  Don’t delay on your safety when it comes to tires. During winter your safety depends on your car tire traction. In Madison, Wisconsin we get snow!  So getting an all-season new set of tires, it will do the job, however looking to elongate the life of your tires by having a winter set and a summer set of tires.  At Aeschbach Automotive in Middleton, WI, we even will store your “off season” tires free of charge until the next season when we swap them out.  Remember, for every drop of 10 degrees, your car tires lose a pound of pressure. Driving under inflated tire during winter can be hazardous.  If your Tire Pressure light pops on, don’t fret, just swing by and we will check your pressure and fill up your tires free of charge. 

Clear your headlights

During Wisconsin winter, the visibility is poor. If you can’t see what is in front of you, it’s dangerous for you and everyone around you.  Make sure the covers are clear and not cloudy. You can also wax your headlights. Wax discourages ice from forming on the headlights.  If your headlights just seem to have a fog that won’t lift, schedule an appointment for drop off, we do headlight restorations year round.

Check the oil

Cold weather beats up your engine. During winter, the motor oil thickens, which makes it hard to turn on the engine.  If you aren’t comfortable checking your engine oil and feel you are low, just stop on by, we will take a look and make sure you are safe to go.

Be sure the brakes work

Brakes are essential parts of the car. They need to be working perfectly, especially when it’s slippery out. That's the main reason you need to check your brakes before the winter months.  During your regular maintenance at Aeschbach Auto, we will always do a quick visual inspection and may recommend further testing to see if you may need some new brakes.

Change your coolant and antifreeze

Winter preparation prepares your car for the harsh winter weather ahead. It will make your car last until spring. So consider scheduling a check up at Aeschbach Automotive and be sure you are ready for the winter season.  A “road trip check up” is always a free courtesy to current customers at Aeschbach Automotive!


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