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What Should I Know How To Do On My Vehicle?

What Should I Know How To Do On My Vehicle?

What Should I Know How To Do On My Vehicle? I started out feeling I knew a good amount about my car, you know the important stuff in the car like Sirius Radio, DVD Player and Seat Warmer…Atleast that is what I thought was the most important information to know, until I broke down. I was the first car in the turning lane towards the grocery store, the light turns green and I went to accelerate and turn, my car wouldn’t go. I did what I knew and I turned off the radio. Great now what, with my mind racing what was I suppose to do next? It was 10 a.m. in the middle of January, in Wisconsin and I had a crying 6 month old in the backseat, I was blanking on what I needed to do. I pushed my hazards light and tried to signal people around me. In that moment I was reaching for my phone to call a tow truck trying to keep tears out of my eyes, a man walking to his car from the grocery store ran over and said “Let’s move it!” I jumped out, thankful for this man to see ... read more


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