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October Is Free Brake Month!

Put The Brakes On Breast Cancer!

Imagine a vaccine that would create a world free of breast cancer! During the month of October, we are giving away FREE quality brake pads or shoes. All you pay for is labor and any other necessary parts. 10% of the proceeds will go towards research for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund.

Our group of auto repair shops from across the country has a set goal to raise over $100,000 in proceeds. This fundraiser ends on October 31st, so we need your help in spreading awareness!

Brakes, Brakes, Errr Stop! Brakes are so important on your vehicle! As such, it’s extremely important to take bring your vehicle in as soon as you suspect any brake problems. We always do a visual inspection on your brakes each time your vehicles is in. Don’t forget all of our brake repair services and all other repairs are covered by our 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty! Bring your vehicle into Aeschbach Automotive, in Middleton, WI, for your Brake Repair needs!

There are some signs you might need brake services in Middleton, WI.

  • Dashboard “BRAKE” light is on
  • Brake pedal goes to the floor before engaging
  • Vehicle making a squealing noise
  • Vehicle making a squeaking noise
  • Vehicle making a grinding noise
  • Vehicle takes longer to stop when braking
  • Vehicle pulls in one direction when stopping
  • Vibrating brake pedal when in use
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