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Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of a Leak?

Knowing Your Vehicle: Are There Signs of Leaks?

Did you know that fluid leaks are a common issue for many people? Fluid leaks can happen for many reasons. However, it mostly happens in older vehicles. it is a good idea to get your car checked out if you have signs of a leak.

All leaks are not the same, and there are several fluids that keep your car in top shape. Commonly, there are eight types of fluids that keep your car going. The following are examples of the type of fluids that may be in your vehicle.

Vehicle Fluid Types

• Automatic-Transmission Fluids
• Coolant Fluid
• Oil for The Engine or Engine Oil
• Transmission fluid
• Brake-Fluid
• Power-Steering Fluid
• AC or Coolant fluid

Professional Leak Identification

There are several signs that your vehicle will show if it has a leak. It is particularly important to seek professional help from our auto repair shop if you do notice a leak. This is because all leaks are not the same.

Some leaks are common, whereas others are not ordinary. For example, one of the most common leaks is seen in supermarket parking lots. These leaks usually look like rainbows in a black or brown liquid/dried on the parking lot ground. More than likely, the slick rainbow on the ground is an oil leak.

Yet, there are other vehicle leaks that you may have seen while walking in the supermarket's parking lot. The second most common leak found for vehicles is a coolant leak. Coolant leaks appear to be vivid green. However, sometimes they can appear to be bright pink or a vibrant yellow.

Vehicle Repairs

If you find that your vehicle has a leak, it is especially important to seek assistance here at our shop to get the leak repaired before it leads to more issues for your vehicle. This is because a skilled technician can pinpoint the problem quickly and accurately. Sometimes, other underlying issues may be the culprit, which our professionals can pinpoint and take care of. 

For example, differential fluid can look like transmission fluid. Professional technicians know what to look for where repair your vehicle in a timely manner. If you need vehicle leak repair, we invite you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today!

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