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Is the Condition of Brake Fluid Important to Brake Performance?

When you're driving a vehicle, an important thing to always pay attention to is the state of your brakes. We all know how important brakes are to a vehicle, after all, they're the thing that ultimately keeps drivers safe from accidents by allowing their vehicles to slow down and stop. Having unresponsive brakes is a disastrous scenario that no driver would want to deal with. What many might not know, however, is that brake fluids are a key component in the braking system of any vehicle. If a vehicle's brake fluid is in poor condition, that can prove to be very problematic for you when you need to hit the brakes.


To highlight the importance of the brake fluid, it may be important to understand what exactly this fluid is, and how it functions. To put it simply, the brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that is triggered when force is applied to the brakes of a vehicle. The fluids then transfer this force into pressure, which is then used to stop the vehicle.


It is vital to understand that there are certain qualities brake fluids must possess to work properly. According to industry experts, brake fluids need to have high boiling points to help them sustain high temperatures, otherwise, they will evaporate. They also need to have low compressibility levels, so they can accommodate various environmental conditions, and need to have high viscosity or thickness levels. To put it simply, if the fluids in your brakes are in poor condition, or do not meet specific criteria, it will bode very badly for the brake performance of your vehicle.


Thankfully, faulty brakes are an issue that can easily be fixed. If you feel that your vehicle requires brake repair, feel free to bring it to Aeschbach Automotive!

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