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Is it Legal to Drive with Broken Mirrors?

It's easy to learn to drive, but for that smooth ride, the condition of your car is essential. Also, carefully observing all traffic rules and requirements is critical in keeping you safe and enjoying your driving experience. To drive safely, efficiently, and legally you must see what's on your sides and behind you.

The side and rearview mirrors, in particular, provide a good range of these areas while driving. However, the mirror's positioning exposes them to accidental damages and vandalizing. But what happens when these mirrors are broken? Is it still legal and safe to drive?

Mirror Law Requirements

Federal requirements and guidelines mandate rearview and side mirrors, but mainly for manufacturers. However, for drivers, different states have varying mirror laws that govern when an officer can pull you over or not. Many states require at least two mirrors.

The mirrors allow you to see behind while driving, and one must be on the driver's side. This requirement means you can drive with two of your three mirrors, but it's hard to drive safely. Still, a highway officer can pull you over if you drive with broken mirrors for safety concerns.

While driving with one broken mirror in many states is not illegal, you should try and avoid it. It compromises your safety and that of other road users. You will have difficulties seeing what's on your sides or behind. However, it's illegal to drive in many states if two of your car mirrors are broken or missing.

Ensure you also understand the car mirror laws in your state since they vary.

Why You Should Immediately Replace Broken Mirrors

The mirrors in your car are adjustable to help you set your desired view enhancing your safety when driving. While many states may allow you to drive with one broken or missing mirror, your safety and other road users are lowered. The mirrors help you,

  • Overtake and turn safely
  • Avoid hitting pedestrians and other cars behind or on the sides
  • Reverse safely
  • Help you and your passengers get out of the car safely

If you have broken mirrors, avoid endangering yourself and other road users. Stay as safe as possible by letting our licensed and qualified technicians replace the mirrors for you. Also, if you need other professional maintenance services, drive your car to our auto repair shop today. Our experts are more than willing to help you.

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