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How To Check Oil

How to check your oil

Maybe your car is smelling a little funny, maybe your vehicles low oil light has come on. If your oil light comes on, it can be scary. Oil is your cars life line, something you need to make sure your changing at the recommended mileage based on your Independent Auto Repair Shops recommendation. Be sure to keep an eye out for dark, wet spots under your car if your oil is low often, to make sure it’s not leaking. If you notice spots under your car, make sure to check your oil before you start your vehicle. To check your oil on your own, grab a paper towel out of the house before you head out. Next pop your hood, look for the oil can symbol on a stick, pull out the oil dipstick and wipe it off on the paper towel. Now dip the stick back in the hole, and try to pull it out as straight as possible. Once you pull out the stick, view where the oil line is touching. There will be a couple of lines on the stick (Low & High) your oil should land more towards the high side. If your oil is closer to the low side, give your local auto repair shop a call and get your self in for an oil change soon. Make sure to mention to them, your oil seemed a little low when you checked it.

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