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Change Engine Oil Soon Or Oil Life Low Light

Should I Check My Oil?
It’s not a bad idea to check your oil every once in a while.  If you are not comfortable checking your oil, you are always welcome to stop by Aeschbach Automotive, and one of our friendly service advisors will be more than happy to check your oil.

Change Engine Oil Soon Or Oil Life Low
If this light turns on, don’t worry just give us a call and we can get your vehicle in as soon as possible!  The Mechanics at Aeschbach Automotive do a Digital Courtesy inspection each time your vehicle is in and we always will check your oil level.  How often you drive, and your type of car it may vary when this light turns on. The Mechanics at Aeschbach Automotive reset the Oil Change light after each oil change.


Q: What do I need to do when my "Change Engine Oil Soon" message displays?
A: When the "Change Engine Oil Soon” message appears, oil change service is necessary for the vehicle as soon as possible, within the next few days.  Based on driving conditions, the mileage at which an oil change is indicated can vary considerably. For the oil life system to work properly, the system must be reset every time the oil is changed. Click here to schedule your next oil change.

Q: How can I be sure to get the correct type of motor oil for my vehicle?
A: Our trained Mechanics at Aeschbach Automotive, takes the time to review each and every vehicle that comes in, and recommend the best path, based on convenience for you & your lifestyle!

Q: I’ve heard that I should change my oil every 3,000 miles. Is that still true?
A: Depending on the age of the vehicle, driving habits, and road conditions, vehicles with today’s advanced engines miles between oil changes may vary. Always be sure to check your engine oil level regularly.  Here at Aeschbach Automotive, we have listened to the requests of our customers that they just don’t have time to get a oil change every 3,000 miles. This is why we now offer our high performing Valvoline 7,000 mile oil change.

Q: Does regularly changing my oil filter help with the life of my engine?
A: Yes, because it helps ensure your engine is lubricated with clean oil which can help provide the best engine performance.

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