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Auto Electronics Repair in Middleton, WI

Your vehicle has many different electronic systems that work together to make your vehicle run smoothly and accurately. If there is an issue with an electronic system, you will notice that your vehicle is performing poorly or isn’t working properly altogether. As soon as you notice an electronic issue or the check engine light has turned on, bring your vehicle into Aeschbach Automotive in Middleton, WI. Our ASE certified technicians are experienced and knowledgeable with electronic systems in all makes and models of vehicles and we will be happy to help with any problem you may be experiencing.

A poor driving experience can often be related to a malfunctioning computer or driving controls. If your vehicle’s check engine light has turned on, our experts can help. At our Middleton auto repair shop, we have the latest technology and diagnostic tools to diagnose all the electronic parts in your vehicle. Our tools can read an error code from a check engine light warning, which will help our mechanics pinpoint the issue. We then proceed with visual inspections and test drives to figure out the origin of the problem. We will make sure that your vehicle is repaired correctly the first time around. 

Your vehicle is equipped with an onboard computer system that helps to control vital functions, including monitoring and adjusting engine and transmission operations. The computer is connected to sensors throughout systems of your vehicle that help monitor performance. The computer also controls the spark plugs, idle speed, and fuel injectors to get you the best possible car performance. A failing onboard computer will lead to poor control of other systems in your vehicle. If you suspect a problem with the computer system, our mechanics have the experience and tools to either repair or replace the computer to ensure proper vehicle performance.

At our Middleton auto repair shop, we have the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle. We offer an in-house warranty on repairs that is valid for 3 year/36,000 miles, which is unmatched by our competitors! We also offer a digital inspection service at our shop, which allows our mechanics to send you photos and memos about our recommendations electronically for your approval. 

If you’re looking for expert auto electronics repair in Middleton, WI, bring your vehicle into Aeschbach Automotive.

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